LEGO Hero Factory Von Nebula

LEGO Hero Factory Von Nebula

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Alert! Alert! Mission Control Center reports that the mysterious LEGO Hero Factory Von Nebula, the leader of a powerful gang of villains, is about to attack! He is heavily armed and highly dangerous. Beware his black hole generating staff and vicious spiky armor – he is out for revenge against the LEGO Hero Factory and he won't stop at nothing until he gets his revenge. This toy is extremely popular among the kids and can be the perfect gift for either a birthday or Christmas 2011. But hurry - it sells out fast! So click the buttons on the right and get it before everyone else does.


LEGO Hero Factory Von Nebula Features

• 156 LEGO pieces

• Cause havoc with the mysterious and powerful Von Nebula

• Von Nebula is s mysterious leader of a group of powerful villains and the most powerful villain in the Galaxy. He will stop at nothing to get revenge on the LEGO Hero Factory.

• Weapon includes staff capable of generating living black holes that capture everything around them

• Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 2.5 x 11.1 inches

• Manufacturer recommended age: 9 - 16 years


LEGO Hero Factory – Von Nebula Customer Reviews

- LEGO Hero Factory Von Nebula is incredible! I was finally able to grab it. The body of the hero is thick and heavy which is a very good design in my opinion. It stands tall, around 10+ inches. The arms are strong and shoulders move well. As for the legs, they are built pretty good and solid and they have the dual ball joint build. Very flexible for posing. Love the leg pistons, too. I think this is an awesome addition to any Bionicle fan's line up (I know it's LEGO Hero Factory). Staff is ominous and perfect for a super villain weapon. It is colored well. Oh, and the spiky shoulder pads are rubbery, vice hard, plastic, sharp points, very soft and flexible, so there shouldn't be any worries about injuries if you were concerned.

- The weapon is pretty cool. Both blades can be used to pick up Hero Factory guys by their necks and toss. The color design is very good. I know there are a lot of toys and various action figures out there, but this is really something else. Very detailed, well built and a lot of fun playing with it. I say buy it, it's an awesome set!

- This is a nice set to collect and play with. The weapon and hands are pretty cool and it even has TWO ball joints per arm/leg! I was actually surprised how large it was for a Bionicle/LEGO Hero Factory item but all in all, it's another fantastic product by LEGO.